Better Privacy, Zero Transfer Fees

The greatest, fully-anonymous way to save, pay & get paid.

Send & receive crypto to Internet Names – No more long codes.

No one can track your BRBCoin usage in the Blockchain.

BRBCoin has revolutionized the privacy standards of cryptocurrencies - all transactions, wallets and registrations do not leave public data behind.

By using Bitcoin or other altcoins, your privacy essentially vanishes - Transactions can be easily tracked and monitored. Using online Bitcoin services is also full of risk, as most have full control over your crypto.

BRBCoin transactions are fully private. While they happen, the sender's wallet pairs with the recipient's, both exchanging undecryptable code. Once a transaction is finished, the network wipes all data about it.

Whether you're paying for a service, rent, running errands or sending money to someone, BRBCoin with its unmatched privacy is the way to go.

The BRBCoin Hardware Crypto Wallets keeps your cryptocurrencies safe.

Order a BRBCoin Hardware Crypto Wallet if you already have a BRBCoin account - we’ll deliver it to any address you want, worldwide, or we can keep it safe for you in a secure location.

Mobile phones and online cryptocurrency wallets are a huge liability. An always-in-your-pocket device will never be safe enough to be solely responsible for your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Whether because of accidental loss, theft, hacking or, in worst cases, coercion, authoritarian government controls and warrants to seize digital assets, you always have a huge risk using virtual crypto wallets.

Using BRBCoin means you'll have your crypto safely stored offline in BRBCoin Hardware Crypto Wallets, rather than online, on your phone, which, by carrying it along every day, puts your assets and savings at risk.

That makes BRBCoin the best crypto way to save, pay and get paid, with full anonymity and zero transfer fees.

Current BRBCoin Price (USD)

$1.00 ⇄ 0 ₿R₿Coin


0 ₿R₿Coin
(1 BRBCoin equivalent to $ 0 )

◈ At launch, $1.00 got you 1000 BRBCoin.

Crypto Made Simple: ZERO Transaction Fees.

Sending and receiving BRBCoin is completely free.

There's only a 10 BRBCoin fee when buying BRBCoin with Bitcoin, or selling BRBCoin for Bitcoin, regardless of how much you buy or sell.

This helps BRBCoin keep transactions and services running swiftly.

Send BRBCoin: Free | Receive BRBCoin: Free

Send BRBCoin: Free

Receive BRBCoin: Free

Exchange Bitcoin for BRBCoin: 10 BRBCoin Fee

Exchange BRBCoin for Bitcoin: 10 BRBCoin Fee

Opening your BRBCoin account - Your first balance deposit:

Here's what you'll need:

Minimum $3.5 Worth of Bitcoin

Personal/Business Internet Name

Fully anonymous. Don't have one? Get it on Internet Name Registration

Ready? Place the Account Opening Order

Copy your Internet Name, then paste it in the "Internet Name" field on the order page below ("Place Order" button).

After checkout, send the specified Bitcoin amount to the Bitcoin address (alternatively, scan the Bitcoin QR code with any Wallet app). You will get a payment confirmation and final instructions for opening your BRBCoin account via e-mail.